Branding accentuated the identity of the nanotechnology company.

The Client

Nanoksi Finland Oy is a Finnish nanotechnology company going international, intending to become the market leader in nanotechnology-based nanocoating solutions. Kaimana redesigned Nanoksi’s brand identity and web service.

The Challenge

It was necessary to redesign Nanoksi’s brand identity to distinguish the company positively from other operators and become internationally competitive. One of the branding objectives was to create a brand hierarchy for the company and its products. It would allow associating the strong company brand with products and developing independent product brands.

The Solution

The information obtained through marketing, target group and competitor analyses allowed Kaimana to examine the factors differentiating the brand from competitors and draw up a driving idea, followed by the new communication tone of voice, slogan, brand main messages and look, including logo and image concept.

The challenge was how to communicate the Nanoksi’s invisible protecting products. Nanocoating solutions improve surface hygiene by reducing the number of pathogens and harmful organic compounds or making the surfaces dirt-repellent. Protecting the surfaces guarantees the hygiene and safety of different facilities, which is crucial during pandemics and epidemics.

As a result of branding work, we redesigned Nanoksi’s brand identity and the guidelines for the company and the Fotonit photocatalytic coating product. Following the brand book guidelines, the brand look and messages can be applied to different marketing materials, products, and interfaces.

The new-look is strongly present in the redesigned web service. It was designed to serve the customers and stakeholders better as well as to provide information about Nanoksi’s solutions and products in an accessible way.

The Results

The new web service launch in March 2021 was perfect timing as it coincided with the significant media coverage: Nanoksi made an internationally important nanocoating deal with Dubai Airport. The agreement was underpinned by selecting Nanoksi technology, from over 100 innovations, as the aviation industry Aviation X Lab Accelerate Traveller Wellbeing Challenge winner.

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