Co-design combines data, empathy, and creative thinking into a commercial and compelling whole.

The strongest brands and innovative services are built from a deep understanding of people and their behavior at the core of the business. At Kaimana, we believe that brands that find meaning can inspire people, positively impact society, and succeed commercially.

Competitive business requires collaboration and new approaches in an ever-changing environment. That’s why we developed Kaimana’s co-design model, which solves real challenges in business, service development, and branding in a systematic, inspiring, and engaging way.

Our ideology combines data, empathy, and creative thinking into a commercial and compelling whole. It inspires our clients and us to find a more significant meaning and vision for the dream state that guides all operations. We combine design with commercial communication and technology solutions that holistically benefit the brand, business, people, and the environment.

Feel free to explore our freely available co-design thinking, and don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you.

On a mission to find more meaning

Why co-design?

Co-design is primarily an approach to design that enables solutions that create the most significant possible value for all parties involved. Co-design has several identified benefits that increase competitiveness:

01 Shared language and cultural change

A shared language supports meaningful collaboration in cross-functional teams and between us, our clients, and our stakeholders. Co-design encourages creative, customer- and solution-focused thinking, where the best idea can come from anyone. It also increases transparency in design, which engages participants in the project.

02 Strategically correct objectives

It is worth taking the time to love problems and opportunities. Our co-design model guides us to ask the right questions and solve the right challenges, resulting in the greatest possible commercial impact.

03 More meaningful services

Co-design challenges us to look at the world around us in a bigger picture and to think about business opportunities from unexpected perspectives. It actively engages different stakeholders and ensures that the result meets the genuine needs of the target audience.

Dive deeper and explore diamonds

Tools and canvases for design

Applying co-design thinking is condensed into practical canvases that can be used in various settings, such as meetings, workshops (e.g., using Miro), and design work. The right tools ensure that all relevant perspectives are taken into account. They guide you to ask the right questions at the right time and help you find clear answers.

Co-design scales to fit your needs

Our co-design model is flexible and scalable to fit your needs, whether for year-long collaborations, individual projects, or agile design sprints. It is excellent for commercial communication, brand development, innovative service design, creative campaign planning, and first-rate web services implementation and development.

Co-design is an easy-to-adopt method with its tools, and it can be taught to different levels of the organization, from executive teams to expert teams.

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