Harnessing the power of reimagined business design

We can create genuinely profitable interactions between our clients and their target audiences with our commercial thinking.

What we do

We apply the mindset of design thinking to change perspectives and transform conventions. Our offering consists of:

Integrated Brand & Communication Design

Our strength lies in defining, planning, and building compelling brands with campaigns that deliver measurable results. Kaimana co-design model is a systematic process that connects businesses, people and brands. By leveraging design and storytelling at all customer journey points, our integrated brand and communication solutions help companies better convey their message and build value for their products and services.

Contact Jere Rinne: jere.rinne@kaimana.fi / +358 45 865 4001

Strategy & Business Design

We aim to help companies discover more commercial opportunities with a Kaimana co-design model that aims to find more meaning in commercialism. Together with our clients, we channel deep industry insights, design principles and strategic thinking with cutting edge methods to help resolve the most critical decisions, provide new perspectives, and drive innovation and value in all business components.

  • Growth & innovation strategies 
  • Internal & external change management strategies
  • Future scenarios for the dream state
  • Brand insights and foresights
  • Customer & data strategies
  • Organization design and cultural change

Contact Jere Rinne: jere.rinne@kaimana.fi / +358 45 865 4001

Marketing & Analytics as a Service

Gain more insights into your business, understand your campaign’s performance and how to improve it. We offer marketing and analytics as a service by packaging together technology, consulting services and strategy in an end-to-end solution that can be tailored to your specific needs. We offer co-design and agile methods for the creative process and scalable support to our clients’ marketing teams as a partner.

  • Integrated campaigns and architecture planning
  • Marketing & media planning & production
  • Digital & data-driven marketing planning & optimisation
  • SEO & SEM and analytics with campaign dashboards
  • Customer & channel journey mapping
  • Multi-channel creative assets (offline & online)
  • Marketing automation

Contact Jere Rinne: jere.rinne@kaimana.fi / +358 45 865 4001

How we do it

Our people-minded co-design is a unique, transparent way of working together with our clients that is transforming the industry’s conventions.

It’s a collaborative but coordinated approach that combines elements from the strategy process, service design culture and creative decision making.

Fueled by real-time feedback from users and real-time data, this approach can adapt to different market situations, business objectives and cultural diversity opportunities.

Why we do it

Our unique commercial attitude is the base for all our actions. We can create genuinely profitable interactions between our clients and their target audiences with our commercial thinking.

Beyond commercial meaning, we want to find a deeper meaning in our actions. We believe that deeper meaning is the path to profit, so we dig out the higher reasons why a company exists and what positive impact it can create.

Through this deeper meaning, we can create ideas that emotionally connect a brand to its audience with shared meaning and shared importance, finding the touchpoints that genuinely matter to the end consumer.

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