User Experience & User Interface Design

At Kaimana, we specialize in creating first-class user experiences and intuitive user interfaces.

In close co-operation with our clients, we create industry-leading web services and applications that accelerate business towards commercial success.


We challenge our clients to think beyond industry standards and discover digital business opportunities from unexpected perspectives. We place customer understanding at the heart of our design work and prioritize meeting customer needs. We establish the right metrics for success and ensure that goals are exceeded.

User Experience / UX Design

We refine the digital user experience by developing customer understanding based on data, agile iteration, and continuous testing – not forgetting search engine optimization. Successful user experience is based on ease of use, clarity, and encourages the user to return to the service time and time again.

User Interface / UI Design

An attention-grabbing, interesting, and trustworthy design is the result of thoughtful user interface design. First-class user interface design creates an attractive and clear touchpoint that allows the user to find what they need, become excited to dive deeper, and achieve their goals. High quality UI design is component-based, accessible (WCAG AA), and easily scalable.

Technical implementation

To produce a world-class user experience or shape a complex interface into simplicity, we must understand the possibilities and laws of the underlying technology. Our experienced development team implements web services and applications with solid professionalism.

User Experience (UX) at the heart of digital customer experience

Our mission is to shape web services into commercial success stories in partnership with our clients.

We design optimal customer journeys, helpful content structures, and logical transitions between sections based on user needs.

We make information search and online purchasing easy.

Efficiently scalable systems through UI design

Modern web services and software constantly adapt to their operating environments. Typically, many different stakeholders participate in their development according to their own goals – and the result reflects this.

With future-oriented UI design, we create a continuously evolving component library and unified elements that modularly serve the organization’s needs throughout the entire web service as it scales.

Experienced UI designers at your service

Our experienced UX and UI designers can handle even large-scale projects and provide the design expertise required for the situation by working agilely as part of a project team, as consultants, or in multi-vendor environments.

They can create new and insightful digital services based on our service design methods or bring outdated systems back to life.

Our designers are well-versed in accessibility requirements and create digital tools and services which are easy to use for everyone.

Ask more about UX/UI Design

Talk to us about your UX/UI Design needs by contacting Antero Muranen directly: / +358 40 544 8080 or leave us your contact info and we’ll in touch as soon as possible.