Meaning is
the new money

The era of traditional commercialism is ending. Instead of shiny ads and extravagant promises, we need meaning and purpose.

People long for meaning, the need for which has become even more pronounced in the current world. Consumers wish to make responsible choices that are in line with their values, which requires future-proof brands to have a new kind of transparency and to open up the real effects of business.

At Kaimana, we encourage clients to think about people-centered, communal, and transparent new commercialism. We believe that companies focused on finding greater meaning in their work create measurable results that at the same time have a positive impact on employees, society and even the entire planet.


We are a full-service brand, communication, marketing, and technology partner. We offer a strategic, comprehensive vision, creativity, and co-planning support.


We solve the real challenges of business, service development, and brand transparently together with our customers.


We believe that commercially significant results can be achieved through truly meaningful brands, messages, services and actions.

On a mission to find more meaning

Welcome to the crest of a wave with us!

The word Kai-Mana is Hawaiian and means the power of the sea. For us, it symbolizes a global brand that, like the sea, is always in motion, never standing still. Kaimana is also an international office, boundless like the sea, whose basic principle is transparency.

Like a wild northern wave rolling to global shores, we’re sweeping out the ordinary as we go. As a compass on our joint journey, we use Kaimana’s co-design model, which helps us avoid the worst ranges of rocks and consistently guides us towards the goals and dream space created together.

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