Meaning is
the new money

The era of traditional commercialism is ending. Consumers are no longer satisfied with throwing paychecks to the brand with the most elaborate ads.

People yearn for meaning. They want their purchases to align with their values and showcase a positive impact on the world. Most companies, however, have been taught to see meaning and money as separate: you’re either a capitalist shark only making money or a non-profit solely making an impact.

In Kaimana, we encourage our clients to bridge this gap by reimagining business design. We believe that companies focused on finding more meaning can impact their personnel, the society and the planet – and, yes, can still make more money.


We are a reimagined business design and communication company with a unique co-design working model that creates more meaningful results.


Our co-design model is a unique, transparent way of working together with our clients that is transforming the industry’s conventions.


We want people, brands and businesses to become more integrated and responsible.

On a mission to find more meaning

Welcome to the wonderland of Kaimana – the unicorn of commercial business design.

The search for the holy grail of commercial thinking is over; this is the only power-kick a company needs to succeed. We’re a gang of dreamers dipped in pro-business sauce on a mission to transform how this industry works.

Like a wild northern wave rolling to global shores, we’re sweeping out the ordinary as we go. With the power of the sea embodied in our people, we want to challenge the conventions and set an example of a no-hierarchy, no-bullshit co-design model that drives profit through purpose.

We want to reimagine business design.

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